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Supercard dstwo is out of stock! That is ready for dstwo plus?

If you visit our site - and click the link of supercard dstwo card, you can find that this card is out of stock! Yes, we have no stock for supercard dstwo! We get news from supercard team: dstwo is not produced any more! So if you still want a supercard dstwo, please notice this! 

supercard dstwo plus

We need to talk about something about another 3ds flashcard which is called supercard dstwo plus (also dstwo plus). This card is a new 3ds flashcard developed by supercard team and it could support 3ds and new 3ds system directly! Or you could call it the updated version of supercard dstwo. Someone call it like this because it is indeed an advanced supercard dstwo flashcard! But don't know if supercard dstwo team can bring us some surprises because supercard dstwo is much greater than other r4 flashcards! If supercard dstwo could bring some new features than sky3ds and gateway 3ds, I think it will be the best-selling flashcard! 

Let's see supercard dstwo official features:

1. Supercar

Sky3ds and gateway 3ds are the best 3ds flashcards now, which one to choose?

posted on Feb 02, 2015| tags: gateway 3ds sky3sd buy sky3ds buy gateway 3ds

Do you want to buy a 3ds flashcard for your 3ds or new 3ds console? There are several 3ds flashcards on the market now, but which one to choose is the question we care!


Here just show you 2 primary 3ds flashcarts in the market, Gateway 3ds and sky3ds. Because we trust that they are the two best 3ds flashcards, at least by now! Sky3ds is the world's first 3ds flashcard for 3ds 9.0 system, now can support 3ds 9.4 system! Gateway 3ds is the world's first 3ds flashcard to hack 3ds system though it can only works with 3ds 4.1-4.5 system at that time! But now gateway 3ds can support 9.2 system!




Details about sky3ds and gateway 3ds flashcards:


Gateway 3ds flashcart, the first 3ds game supported card in the world made amazingly by It is the flashcard team with the most innovation and creativity, always update GW firmware frequently for supporting Emunand 3DS Latest System and More functions, for example downgrade feature in included in GW Ultra V3.0.1.

Where to buy supercard dstwo plus to play 3ds games!

Good news to every 3ds user, Supercard team published one piece of news that supercard dstwo plus is going to be released in 2015 early to support both 3DS and DS Games. You may see the news from elsewhere as well. According to the e-mail from Supercard team, DSTWO Plus can play DS and 3DS games on 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS console. In addition, We can used the card from 3ds firmware version v4.1 to v4.5.

If the new dstwo support 3DS 9.4.0-21 system, that’s will be the top 1 flashcart. Because if it supports 3DS 9.4.0-21, that’s mean you can enjoy this flashcart on all the 3DS consoles.Include the new 3DS (LL,XL),2DS,3DS(XL,LL) and DSi,DS. For supporting 3ds games, there are about two main technology. The Gateway 3DS and it’s clones, the SKY3DS and it’s clones. All of these cards are very very expensive.The features of supercard dstwo plus:Play ds and 3ds gamesSlow motion for 3ds gamesUnlimited cheats and saves for 3ds gamesSupport all consoles (3ds. 3ds xl, 2ds. new 3ds, ne

Gateway publish new omega 2.7 to support emunand 9.4 system!

posted on Jan 20, 2015| tags: gateway 3ds

Gateway 3ds is the world’s first 3ds flashcard to support 3DS console to play 3ds games. Just several months ago, gateway was still the best 3ds flashcard on the market for Nintendo fans. It has the greatest compatibility and stability, which helps it to get thousands of loyal users together. It has the most advanced features than other 3ds flashcards on the market, which include kids, r4i gold 3ds deluxe, orange ads and so on. But now all things have changed. It is not the best 3ds flashcard now with the coming of another 3ds flashcard: sky3ds. The most important thing, the bug on gateway 3ds is that it can not support 3ds console with higher system than 4.5. But sky3ds solved this problem and announced that sky3ds can work on any 3ds console and new 3ds consoles. Many people have 3ds with the latest 9.0 system and even new 3ds, they can not use gateway 3ds to play 3ds games any more. Now they have another choice: sky3ds.

gateway 3ds

But gateway 3ds team told us they were working hardly to mak

Gateway release new firmware,as promised for 7.0-9.0 system supporting!

posted on Jan 19, 2015| tags: gateway 3ds

Talking about gateway 3ds, nintendo users must be familiar with this word. Gateway 3DS as the world’s first 3ds flashcard to support 3ds system to play 3ds games, it attracts thousands of fans since it was released. It was called the best 3ds flashcard before sky3ds. It was better than any other 3ds flashcards on the market, which include orange ads, k3ds and orange 3ds. Gateway 3ds is famous for its system stability and game compatibility. Now  it has a bug that it only can work with 3DS console with system version between 4.1-4.5. If you have a console with system version higher than 4.5, you can not use gateway 3ds on your console.

gateway 3ds

Now, there is another 3ds flashcard called sky3ds announced that they had hacked ads 9.x system and you can use sky3ds to play 3ds games on any 3ds and new 3ds console. That is a great improvement for nintendo users, they can choose sky3ds card if they have a console with system version higher than 4.5. You know that many people have them and the lates

Sky3ds diskwriter v1.03 released to download! More features added!

posted on Nov 30, 2014| tags: sky3ds

Sky3ds Diskwriter has been upgraded to V1.03 to support more features for “flashing or writing” 3ds game roms on the card itself. In the new version DW, sky3ds supports reformat, template selection function and fix some little bugs. But what’s sky3ds? Did you know the 3ds flashcard? If not, I will show you the full information about sky3ds below. The most important function is Sky3ds can support all 3ds games on 2ds/3ds/3ds xl/new 3ds/new 3ds xl freely.



Good news to every 3ds and 3ds xl user, Sky3ds card is coming for you guys! This is a new 3ds flashcard, more importantly, it break 3ds 9.2.0 system now! You can use Sky3ds to play the latest 3ds games like Super Smash Bros, Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire and others on your 3ds and 3ds xl consoles without v4.1-4.5 system limitation, not any more! And it is easy to use, no need for kernel and setup, works like the official game card.


Features of Sky3ds flashcard


Suppor new and old 3ds games

Play 3DS game smoothly l

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Now which card should I buy? R4i gold 3ds?

posted on Nov 29, 2014| tags: sky3ds r4i gold r5sdhc

Use the same system with 3DS/3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS is also hacked by r4i gold to support downloaded ds games. If you want to play lots of NDS games with one card, tons of apps or homebrews, watch movie, listen to music, read e-books on 2DS more easily,R4i gold 3ds is your best choice.




What R4i gold 3ds can do on 2DS?


Support 5500+ ds games on 2DS console.

Support nearly all ds games, including the old nintendo game NES, SNES and GBA.

Support SDHC (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G) to download more game roms onto micro sd card.

Support Moonshell to play multimedia files.

Support added features like Real Time Save and Action Replay cheat to made game play more easily and gamer friendly.

Support popular homebrews and other applications.

R4i gold 3ds description


It is one flash card for NDS games, released by This card is known as its wood kernel which has a quicker updating can always past the Nintendo 2ds update, 100% ds game compatibility can support all the ds

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